Adult Bible Study

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ADULT CLASS – Kevin Lankford, Leader

Kevin Lankford teaches the Adult II Bible Study class and incorporates a mix of lecture and interactive style of teaching. Kevin teaches through books of the Bible rather than topical studies, teaching verse by verse (i.e. expositional) and applying the meaning of that particular verse, passage, and book in its context in history, purpose and to whom it was written (i.e. exegesis) to our contemporary setting where appropriate. Alternating between books of the Old Testament and New Testament is vital in understanding the arc of the mind-blowing and life-changing power of the Gospel, starting with Adam, given to Abraham (Gal 3:8) and explained most fully by Paul in the book of Romans.  We are currently nearing the middle of the Gospel of Matthew and I invite all who want to be intellectually challenged, more psychologically settled through the knowledge and implementation of His Word, and laugh at the sometimes unabashed silliness of the teacher to join us!

LADIES CLASS – Elizabeth Whisenhant & Vivian Miller, Leaders

The ladies’ Bible study class is led by Elizabeth Whisenhant and Vivian Miller and welcomes women of all ages to join them for Bible study. The topical studies cover a variety of subjects and group discussion is encouraged. The group is also very social and the ladies meet outside of the class for times of fellowship and service oriented activities.