Our Mission

To point the people of Fairbanks to a relationship with Jesus Christ and to share with the world what God has shared with us.


•To worship Christ in spirit and in truth. •Biblical preaching and Spirit filled music.

•Building strong church-family friendships
•Helping people find areas of service

•Leading others to discover a deeper life in Christ.
•Providing opportunities to work in Christ’s mission.

Beliefs and Values

Click below for some of the key beliefs in our church.

  • . . . in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • . . . that the Bible is the totally inspired and true Word of God.
  • . . . that Jesus is the virgin born Son of God who lived a life without sin and freely gave Himself as a sacrifice for us. We believe that He died, was buried, was raised again on the third day, and is returning in glory.
  • . . . in the eternal security of those who have truly been born again by confessing with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believing in their heart that God raised Him from the dead.
  • . . . that the church is currently the Body of Christ on earth, is made up of those who have truly been born again, and is equipped by God to proclaim and minister the Gospel to the world.
  • . . . we seek to honor Him in all that we do and strive to lift Him up so that people will be drawn to him for salvation.

  • . . . Biblical teaching to provide a solid foundation.
  • . . . worship of God through music
  • . . . the importance of small group discussion.
  • . . . for all we do to be a reflection of Christ.
  • . . . the importance of missions.
  • . . . Kingdom growth over personal preferences.
  • . . . the power of intercessory prayer.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Pastor

Pastor Gary Cox has been at UBC since 2000. His number one priority is Biblical preaching. He loves to study the Bible and teach its marvelous insights. He enjoys meeting with men to encourage them in their Christian walk. True spirituality in all its realms remains the emphasis of his ministry. He and Jennifer have been married since 1974 and love ministering in Alaska. Currently, Pastor Gary is working with a mentor to help UBC in the development of the 14 key systems of a healthy church.