Worship Ministry

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The Worship Ministry at University Baptist Church exists to encourage, equip and exalt.

Through our lives and through song we encourage others to make Christ the center of their focus
and become authentic, heartfelt worshipers. Through training, rehearsals and discipleship,
we equip the body to use the talents and gifts that God has given us.

Finally, we exalt God, for He alone is worthy of our praise and worship.

Music as a Tool
The UBC Worship Ministry consists of a variety of individuals and groups, many of whom use music as a tool. But worship isn’t just about music. It’s about a heart that is turned toward the Lord in obedience and dependence.

A Calling
We Believe that members of a choir (or any worship leader) need to come to see themselves
as more than people whose talents enable them to fulfill a role, but allow them to lead others in worship

It is only through understanding this Divine Call that men and women can see that the task they’ve been given,
in the light of His purposes, is not merely a job they can choose to do, or not.

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. (Romans 11:20)

Areas of Service within the Worship Ministry

In our Worship Ministry the prime instrument for ministering to the Lord and ministering to and with the congregation is our WORSHIP LEADING CHOIR.  The Worship Choir leads worship in the 11am service.

Worship Choir Membership Requirements:

  • A born-again Christian
  • A member of our church, or willing to become a member.
  • A high-school student or above.
  • Able to or willing to learn to sing your voice part (SATB)
  • Able to attend rehearsals and ministry opportunities as required
  • Willing to sign the Worship Choir Covenant.
  • Willing to discover and follow your Call from God as A WORSHIP LEADER!
  • The Worship Choir meets on Wednesday from 6:30-8pm for rehearsal, devotional time and prayer.
The UBC Praise team leads worship in the 6 PM service

Praise Team Membership Requirements:

  • A member of our church, or willing to become a member.
  • Member of the Worship Choir (vocalists)
  • Will be selected at the discretion of the Worship Leader
  • Instrumentalist wishing to be part of the UBC Praise Team must play an instrument compatible with a praise team and at an appropriate skill level and be available for rehearsals.

Audition will be required.

Jubilee Bells is our hand bell choir.  Depending on availability of ringers we ring 3-5 octaves and also do small ensembles.  Jubilee Bells present specials in Sunday AM & PM services throughout the year, occasionally accompany the Worship Choir, and perform with the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra on their Christmas concert in December.

Jubilee Bells membership requirements:

  • Born-again Christian (while we do not require UBC church membership, the Jubilee Bells is a Worship leading ensemble.  You cannot lead worship if you do not know the Lord.)
  • Ability to attend Sunday afternoon rehearsals
  • Good music reading skills
  • Jubilee Bells rehearses on Sunday afternoons from 4-5:30pm.

Worship Ministry Director

Laura Bergh

Worship Ministry Director

Laura Bergh is our Worship Ministry Director. She has been part of the Worship Ministry since she began attending in 1981. In 1987 she became the Ministry’s director. Laura leads the Worship Ministry Team which oversees the ministry. She leads the Worship Choir, Praise Team and Jubilee Bells. Laura is also the Executive Director for the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra and plays French horn in the orchestra. Music has always been an important part of her life and she considers it an honor and privilege to be able to serve the Lord in this area.