Youth Ministry

The purpose of the youth ministry at UBC is to meet the social, emotional and spiritual needs of teenagers in grades 6-12 in a Christ like manner. Through small group Bible studies, monthly socials and ministry events, youth are provided with opportunities to learn how to live Christ centered lives. Youth meet every Sunday morning for Bible study during the church wide Sunday school time. Monthly socials include events such as youth lunches and game/movie nights hosted in various homes. Many teens participate in some of the ongoing ministries in the church but there are opportunities for the youth group to lead in ministries as well such as with our annual Fall Festival. The group also travels to Anchorage each year over spring break to participate in “Avalanche” a statewide evangelism conference for youth.

Youth Ministry Director


William and Terri Beach

Youth Ministry Directors

William and Terri Beach provide the leadership for the youth ministry at UBC. He is chairman of the deacon body and has served as a deacon for 21 years. As a member of UBC since 1990 William has taught many youth and adult Bible studies. He currently teaches the youth high school Sunday school class. Terri is an educator who currently home schools her teenage daughter and teaches English and history classes for other home school teens. Over the 28 years she has attended UBC she has been involved in the Worship ministry and taught a variety of Bible study classes for various age groups. William and Terri were called into leadership in the church in early adulthood. Most especially they desire to share their love for God and His word in order to transform teenagers.